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Manifesting Money Podcast

Aug 23, 2021

Did you know that you create the outcomes of your life? 

In this episode, Anita introduces the 12 Universal Laws and guides you through co-creating a reality you actually want using the Law of Assumption. Tune in to understand the Law of Assumption and how you can apply it to your business and entrepreneurial life.

Tune in as Anita shares what to do and what not to do during your manifestation process. Anita also uncovers the types of people and things you need to start releasing in order to operate at your highest frequency and manifest the outcomes that you want! 



  • Understanding the 12 Universal Laws. 
  • What is the Law of Assumption? 
  • Why you need to get clear on what you want 
  • Types of people and things you need to release 
  • How to take aligned action 
  • What it’s like to operate from the 4th dimension
  • How to manage and overcome your fears 



“You need to understand and be conscious that everything in your life is manifested by your previous thoughts and previous actions. You're in a situation that you don't want to be in right now? You created that.”



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