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Manifesting Money Podcast

Aug 16, 2021

It’s time to grab a pen and paper because, in this episode, Anita is going to get down to the details of exactly how to take aligned action and apply it to your business! You will learn how to take action from your highest frequency instead of scarcity, as well as clear some of your biggest self-sabotaging beliefs about money. 

Anita will also be guiding you through some exercises that will transform the way you align yourself in your business. So, if you’re unsure of the kind of action you should be taking for your business, join Anita in this episode to reveal that very answer to yourself! 



  • The different types of money you are manifesting 
  • What is aligned action? 
  • Questions you need to ask yourself 
  • How money doesn’t change anything 
  • Learning to trust your intuition 
  • The importance of connecting to your zone of genius 
  • About the Makeup Mentor Mastermind 



“Just because it doesn't happen the way that you want it to, doesn't mean that it didn't happen.”

“The thing about making the decisions is that it's simple, but it's not easy.”



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