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Manifesting Money Podcast

Sep 21, 2022

Hello Beautiful Souls! 


Welcome Back to the Manifesting Money Podcast! 

In today's episode we are opening up the conversation with some of our members of the Manifesting Money Academy, 

This Episode opens up the conversation about deep rooted subconscious beliefs not only about money but the experiences we've had that conditioned us to believe that we are not worthy. 

I am truly grateful for each and everyone of these members for not only doing this work but being vulnerable with sharing their stories. 


In order show your appreciate for those who allowed us to share this today please tag us on INSTAGRAM with the story that resonated with you MOST and why! 

1. June Robles | Spiritual & Energetic Wellness she/her

Alternative & Holistic Health Service

2. Rosy Torres

"Learning to be my highest self at 40"

3. Laura Lanigan 

Creator of So LoveLee 🌟 Inspired by my own challenges with anxiety to encourage, empower and uplift others to believe in themselves- Empowerment Coach

Key Points: 
  • Past life deep rooted stories 
  • celebrating ALL types of wins no matter the size
  • learning to love yourself as is 
  • tapping into feminine and masucline energy 
Resources mentioned in the Podcast: 
Manifesting Money Academy
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