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Manifesting Money Podcast

Apr 6, 2022

In this episode, Anita breaks down not only the science and practical side of manifestation but the spiritual side as well, touching on all the things she wished someone told her as she started her manifestation journey. 


Tune in as Anita guides you through what to expect when you make the shift, because what it means to release an old version of yourself in order to step into a new one can be difficult. Letting go of an identity and releasing what no longer serves us, but feels safe, is a process and one that needs to be felt and sometimes even mourned. So with Anita’s help, give yourself permission to feel through the process and get clear on who is the next level version of yourself.



- What is quantum leaping? 

- Understanding you are already meant to achieve what you desire 

- Are you holding on to an old version of yourself?

- Why you must release to step into your new reality 

- When you shift your perception of yourself, the external world follows 



“I specifically wanted to make this episode to give everybody that permission to just truly feel this out. And allow yourself to mourn the old version of yourself, the old lifestyle, the old friends and family that you used to hang out with all the time, the conversations that you usually have. So it's really important for you to give yourself the permission to even go through this shift. And then again, allow yourself to feel through the process.”



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