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Manifesting Money Podcast

Apr 5, 2021

Ever felt like you’ve hit rock bottom and there is just no way of getting back up? Stacey Brown was no stranger to that feeling, and she’s here to tell you that there will always be a way out of it. Follow her as she takes you through the events that turned her life upside down, but also how she not only survived but thrived from her pain. Stacey shares how she tapped into the power of mindset and manifested everything that she wanted in both her business and personal lives. Tune in now to uncover the key to manifestation and turning your pain into purpose. 



  • Stacey’s makeup journey. 
  • How makeup saved her life.
  • The power of listening to your intuition.
  • How to manifest a successful business.
  • What is the key to manifestation? 



“I just want to encourage anyone who is listening, it is never too late. If you want to be in this incredible industry, there is room for you.”

“I believe that our world gets really hung up on the language that we use, instead of the message that we're conveying.”

“There's such power as human beings when we can be who we authentically and genuinely were created to be and showing up in that way in the universe. There is no greater superpower.”



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