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Manifesting Money Podcast

Jul 17, 2022

It’s the season finale, and in this heart-centered episode, Anita welcomes self-love and business coach Randi Halaway. Helping women who are ready to claim more freedom, abundance, and fulfillment in their lives and business, tune in as she shares her entrepreneurial story - stepping into her power as a coach while going through her second divorce and a deep self-discovery journey.


Don’t miss this powerful “goodbye for now” as Anita and Randi guide you to fall from your head to your heart so you can connect to your truth, shine your light, and welcome the magic, abundance, and infinite possibilities that are waiting for you!



- How Randi divinely opened her first business 

- Trusting that we are safe to receive infinite possibilities 

- Is failure real?

- Why the inner work comes first 

- Emotions - “You have to be willing to feel them in order to be free of them”

- Inspired action versus forced action 



“What if we were able to just trust that we're so supported in every single way. Every single thing that's happening is happening for us, we just don't know why, how, or when. But that's our opportunity for growth.”

“If your heart is blocked, then you are blocked. And so that's kind of what starts to shift everything. That's the core of everything that I teach. And I believe it's the most important thing on our to-do list we will ever, ever have.”



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