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Manifesting Money Podcast

May 3, 2022

Meet Krystal Woods - Human Design specialist, coach, entrepreneur, and mom of two. Supporting thought leaders and founders to ditch the rules, supercharge their self-trust and confidence, and build their lives around their unique energy, passions, and purpose, listen in as Krystal shares how motherhood was the catalyst she never expected on her path to finding herself and her purpose. 


Learn more about your energetic blueprint and all things human design in this episode about motherhood, movement, meditation, and the psychology of releasing mom guilt and stepping into your highest self.



- How motherhood sparked the shift in Krystal Woods’ purpose and life

- Why we need to pour into ourselves first, especially as mothers

- What is human design? And the 5 different design types?

- Ways to apply human design to your professional and personal life

- Releasing, restoring, and recharging your energy



“If you love to observe yourself, and you love to observe others and try to understand them better, human design gives you a map with which to do that.”

“It is such a profound process of homecoming. Really understanding who you are at a fundamental level and building the self-trust and the confidence that comes from knowing who you are is completely life-altering.”



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