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Manifesting Money Podcast

Mar 23, 2022

Meet Vanessa Santos - a Houston-native and web designer/developer that enjoys creating beautiful things with the latest technologies. And this episode's testament to what happens when you release the fear of being seen, make the shift, and step into your full potential. 


Tune in as Vanessa shares her journey from fear to the leap toward entrepreneurship, shifting her mindset out of scarcity and taking aligned action toward what her soul was craving. Battling self-sabotage, Vanessa realized she was no longer scared of failure but success. Determined to no longer wait for money to come to her, listen in as she reveals how joining the Manifesting Money Academy allowed her to see the signs, take action, and thrive! 


- Growing up in a mentality of scarcity around money 

- Vanessa Santos’s biggest investment in herself 

- The turning point that sparked Vanessa’s mindset and professional shift

- How she opened her mind to her life’s purpose

- Taking the entrepreneurial leap 

- Why Vanessa joined the Manifesting Money Academy and its impact



“You never know what's gonna happen if you never take any risks or take the leap.”


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