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Manifesting Money Podcast

May 11, 2022

Dr. Shawn Dill, a Book Yourself Solid Certified Coach, is the founder and CEO of Black Diamond Club, where he and his wife, Lacey, serve a community of service professionals aiming to reach more people, make a bigger impact, and create the lifestyle that they deserve. And in this episode, Shawn shares his story of success, starting a business from scratch while going through a divorce, and why he treats money like a significant other. 


Tune in and don’t miss this conversation on faith-based money and why health and success are fundamental truths rather than fundamental pursuits.



- From chiropractor to consultant - Shawn’s entrepreneurial journey

- Why Shawn wasn’t afraid to “start over”

- How to build a healthy relationship with money

- Overcoming money manifestation guilt 

- Open yourself to abundance!



“Money can literally be created out of nothing at any time. The government did that during the pandemic. They were just like, we're going to make more money, and they made more money. And what I want everyone to understand in my life is that you can do the same thing. Literally, you can create money out of nothing.” 

“If money is treated well, if money is respected, if money is in a great relationship, money comes back to you. And it brings friends.”



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