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Manifesting Money Podcast

May 26, 2022

In this episode, Anita not only gives you the signs that the people around you are not serving you but reveals some tips and tricks on how to attract people who are operating at the same frequency as you. Learned the hard way through her own journey shifting her self-image, tune in as Anita shares when she became conscious that it was time to go 10 times bigger and re-evaluate her circle. 


Don’t miss this conversation on stepping into a new version of yourself and Anita’s 3 tips to releasing what no longer serves you and finding your tribe.



- Mindset shifts don’t come with age, but with consciousness

- How to create space for yourself and the right people in your life

- If it makes you feel excited, motivated, or free…LISTEN! 

- Releasing who and what no longer serves you



“I truly believe why a lot of my success happened rapidly is because I knew who to talk to. And I also really valued their time, and they valued mine.” 



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