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Manifesting Money Podcast

Feb 8, 2022

In this special episode, Anita goes live and answers all your burning questions from social media! Listen in as she talks about how to release your emotional attachment to money, knowing your numbers, and getting clear about the why behind your money manifestation. Question the beliefs handed down to you and break the cycle! All with a little help from your manifesting money queen, Anita!



- How do I release my attachment to money?

- How do I stop feeling like I am living paycheck to paycheck?

- Can I manifest an exact amount of money?

- How do I make money from my passion?

- Why is money always on my mind? And where will it come from?

- What is the law of polarity?

- What’s hardest for you: saving, giving, or spending?



“A lot of people think that abundance is having all the money in the world. But really, it's just reprogramming your mind to become conscious of these thoughts, flip them and understand that it has nothing to do with me, has nothing to do with my worth.”



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