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Manifesting Money Podcast

Mar 15, 2022

The idea that we can attract money even when we aren’t physically working is a concept many of us find hard to believe. So in this episode, Anita shares how she shifted her identity from the constant grind, hustle, and struggle to someone open and receiving money all the time! Now, this doesn’t mean you will never clock in again and sit on your couch all day. This is about building the belief and expanding your consciousness to all the different ways money can come to you and how you can actually take action out of alignment! 



- Can you attract money if you aren’t physically working?

- When Anita began shifting her perspective 

- Are you staying at a job because you enjoy it or out of fear?

- Five ways money can physically come to you without working



“Even though no one's physically saying that you have to work super hard for money, we develop the subconscious beliefs that money is something you have to work really long hours for.”



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