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Manifesting Money Podcast

Apr 13, 2022

The whole team is here in this special Manifesting Money episode! Tune in as Anita goes behind the scenes and asks her team to share their manifestation stories and what brought them to the manifesting money mission. From going viral to stepping fully into your passion and purpose, listen in as Anita’s special guests speak about the importance of finding your tribe. Because when you're around people who are dedicated to your growth, as well as their own development, the results will skyrocket!



- Anita’s team answer her rapid-fire questions 

- What led each member of the team to manifestation

- Going viral - overcoming the fear of being seen 

- Stepping fully into your purpose rather than suppressing it 

- Why you need to protect your energy and invest in yourself 

- How to find your tribe!



“It really felt like ‘see, it can totally happen’. It's a game, you're in control. If your mindset is right, you're going to be able to manage anything that comes your way.”

“What you consider weird about yourself, or what it is that you light up when you are talking about, that's a clue to your purpose.”



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