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Manifesting Money Podcast

Aug 2, 2021

In this episode, we invite long-time hustler, manifestor, and makeup artist Kay Da Silva to bring us on her makeup career journey and show us how to get your foot into the industry! 

As Kay shares her most memorable experiences and biggest lessons learned from this journey, you will uncover the power of releasing your limiting beliefs and aligning yourself with a high frequency. Anita and Kay also chat about the different tools you can use to boost your business growth and elevate yourself.

Tune in now and learn how to shift from operating out of fear to operating out of abundance, and set yourself up for success in the film industry! 



  • Kay’s makeup career journey. 
  • The key to making yourself known in the industry. 
  • Biggest lessons learned from makeup assisting. 
  • Takeaways from the Makeup Mentor Mastermind. 
  • Growing your business through network marketing. 
  • Releasing things that are no longer serving you. 
  • Embracing your different seasons. 
  • Facing the fears that arise in each season. 



“You're never too experienced to stop assisting because you can always learn from someone.”

"The way you talk to yourself are the experiences you have."



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