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Manifesting Money Podcast

Apr 28, 2022

There is a big problem in the world of money today. People are simply unconscious of how thoughts are the true creators of our reality and that many times, we are even unconsciously manifesting a lack of money! So how can we get clear on the story and limiting beliefs we are telling ourselves over and over again? And start feeling genuinely worthy of receiving money?


In this episode, Anita replays her recently released Free One-Day Workshop titled: "Release Your Old Money Story." Tune in as she shares her journey from working five jobs, unable to pay her bills, to stepping into her full potential, gaining over 100,000 followers in four days and making $20,000 a month. 


Be sure not to miss this interactive workshop and raise your vibration to abundance with Anita’s five steps to releasing your money blocks. And for that extra push over the manifesting money threshold, doors are now open for Anita’s 31 Days of Abundance program! The last chance to join is April 30th, 2022. Click here to learn more!



- Anita shares her manifesting money journey  

- Why manifesting money is all about feeling worthy

- Remembering that everything is made of energy, including money

- Are you manifesting money or a lack of it?

- The five steps to releasing your money blocks

- How to recognize your money story and make it work for you!



“A lot of times when we get the money, or we get things that we want, we actually self sabotage and start to go back to where we started. Because subconsciously, we don't feel worthy of receiving.”

“We are already born at the highest vibrational state. When we are born, we are loved unconditionally. We don't have to do anything in order for somebody to say hey, you're worthy.”



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