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Manifesting Money Podcast

Dec 23, 2021

Welcome to Manifesting Money’s first annual Christmas Gala! Tune in as your host welcomes speakers from all walks of life to reflect on their manifestation journey. From musicians to TikTok stars to credit repair consultants, listen in as they share how they reprogrammed their subconscious minds, overcame fear, and manifested the life of their dreams.


Celebrate the holiday season with Anita and her friends! And remember, if you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand.


In case you missed the Livestream of our first Christmas Gala last Saturday, we're sharing the Guest Speaker portion of the event with you! We hope you'll find this as inspiring as we did.
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Mariel Romero - @marielveganbeauty

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Donata St. Hilaire - @donataimagines

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Ricardo Soto - @thatguy.ricardo

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Danny Falcao

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- What is the law of assumption?

- How to utilize the “I remember when” technique

- Working for money versus manifesting abundance 

- Finding the root of your stories

- The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention



“When you build that belief that all your needs are met at every moment of time and space, you will be set free from all sparsity and you’ll move into a state of abundance.”



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