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Manifesting Money Podcast

May 24, 2021

Want to set up a business page on Tik Tok but not sure how or where to start? If your answer is yes, then this episode is a must-listen for you. Anita will be showing you her step-by-step process of setting her business up on Tik Tok and the different avenues she uses to manifest money through that platform. So grab a pen and paper, because your host will be sharing countless useful tips on manifesting money through Tik Tok, as well as valuable advice on how to shift your perspective and align yourself in order for money to flow to you and your business. Tune in and get started on your Tik Tok journey with Anita today! 



  • Why is Tik Tok such an effective platform? 
  • How to set up a business account on Tik Tok. 
  • Ways to earn money through Tik Tok. 
  • What kind of content should you be creating on Tik Tok? 
  • How to avoid “shiny object syndrome”. 
  • Navigating hate comments and validation. 


"Just start and see what feels good, and what doesn't feel good. You're going to be able to tune in to what you're most aligned with, and whatever you're in the most alignment with, is where money will flow."



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