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Manifesting Money Podcast

Jan 12, 2022

While Anita moves into her first apartment on her own, she reflects on how similar the process is to that of manifestation and shares her tips, tricks, and strategies so you can manifest the home of your dreams.


Tune in as your host asks you to get clear on exactly what you want. Your environment is important, so start making decisions at your highest frequency and never let money be the reason why you do or don’t do something. Get clear, take action, and be receptive. The money will find you.



- Anita’s first apartment manifestation

- Pass the tests - is this what you really want?

- What would the millionaire version of yourself do?

- “A day in the life” exercise

- How to create space for your manifestations

- What is your upper limit?

- Anita’s steps to manifest your dream home



“Never let money be the reason why you do or don't do something.”

“When you are looking for money, and you're conscious about this, money finds you.”



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