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Manifesting Money Podcast

Feb 22, 2021

If you are looking to grow your business, then this episode is a must-listen. Join Anita and other freelancers in the beauty industry as she does a live exercise on manifesting money using the law of attraction. In this step-by-step process, you will learn how to nurture your relationship with money and shift your scarcity mindset into one of abundance. The beauty industry is worth billions of dollars and it is time you tapped into it - tune in to learn exactly how you can do that. 



  • What is your relationship with money right now?  
  • How to create money on demand. 
  • The best way to figure out what type of manifester you are. 
  • Being vs. Doing. 
  • Overcoming the fear of raising your rates. 



“When we continue to not take action on the things that are lining up based out of fear, stress, or anxiety, you're just going to keep going in that cycle over and over again.”



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