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Manifesting Money Podcast

Oct 26, 2021

Say you’ve manifested the money you’ve always wanted - congratulations! But do you know how to manage it? 


A huge part of money manifestation is learning how to manage it once you’ve manifested it. That is why in this episode, Anita invites Financial Advisor and Owner of Masten Solutions, Ina Masten, to share her tips, tools, and advice on how to manage your money and your business. Anita and Ina also chat about finding your ideal clients, how to use taxes to your advantage, and so much more! 



  • The first shift Ina made 
  • How to turn your ideas into action 
  • Ways to make the best out of taxes
  • Bookkeeper vs Accountant vs CFO
  • Overcoming your fear with money management 
  • Advice on becoming a CEO
  • The importance of finding your ideal clients 



“I don't know everything. You don't have to know how to do everything in your business. But you have to know how to use that information, use those business tools, so then you can work more on your business.”



Ina Masten

Masten Solutions



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