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Manifesting Money Podcast

May 17, 2021

Rachel Rose Mazza is an Atlanta-based makeup artist and content creator who has a passion for celebrating diversity in her makeup, and is joining this episode to share her makeup journey with us! Rachel strongly believes beauty is genderless, timeless, and truly has no boundaries. Tune in as she shares her story of how she discovered her talent and passion for makeup. Anita and Rachel also chat about stand-up comedy, podcast hosting, and the power of authenticity. 

Rachel works in a broad range of spaces including editorial, special events, bridal, film, and SFX makeup. Her editorial work has been featured in and graced the covers of magazines worldwide including Harpers Bazaar UK, iMirage magazine, and many more. Rachel loves teaching and education and recently was a brand educator at The Virtual Makeup Show. Her passions for makeup, comedy, community, and education have led her to host a weekly makeup industry-focused podcast “Lipstick Biddies



  • Learning makeup from YouTube vs from school. 
  • The importance of investing in yourself. 
  • Why you need to start making elevator pitches. 
  • How the Lipstick Biddies podcast came about. 
  • About Rachel’s Omnia brush bundle. 
  • The power of being in alignment. 



“That's why you don't see everybody achieving all their dreams, because they're too scared to go through the work and really attack all of that inner shit that you deal with.”



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