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Manifesting Money Podcast

Jun 28, 2021

Meet Jodi Young - the Executive Artist Relations Manager at Omnia Brush and Omnia's sister brands, MODA Brush and Chique Tools. Jodi is passionate about connecting with makeup artists on a deeper level and understanding what tools help provide premium creative experiences.

Her background in project management & formula development allows her to be an integral part of the Omnia team, and she has had the great fortune of working closely with artists from all facets of the beauty industry including Kevin James Bennett, Melanie Mills, Clint Brock, and Rachel Rose Mazza. 

Tune in to learn more about her journey with Omnia Brush, their product lines, and what truly stands out to her when she scouts for makeup artists on social media! Anita and Jodi also chat about making the most out of feedback, the importance of authenticity, and so much more.



  • Omnia Brush: About the company and product lines.
  • Making the most out of feedback. 
  • How Omnia Brush scouts their makeup artists. 
  • About the Omnia Brush affiliate program. 
  • The importance of authenticity in social media. 



 “For us, it's the passion for makeup, artistry, the dedication it takes to be a makeup artist. That type of thing really shines through on social media.”



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