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Manifesting Money Podcast

Aug 30, 2021

Welcome to the last ever episode of the Makeup Mentor Podcast! Join Anita on a walk down memory lane as she recaps the year and looks back at the story behind the Makeup Mentor Podcast. Find out why this major shift is so important and what to expect during this podcast rebranding.

So join Anita on the last walk of the Makeup Mentor Podcast, and make space for bigger and better things with your host as we take the leap into this new chapter of the podcast! 



  • How the Makeup Mentor Podcast came about 
  • The inspiration behind the 31 Days of Abundance program 
  • Pushing through your fears and anxiety
  • Why you need to let go of things that no longer serve you



“When you get what you want, it doesn't change anything. The money is not going to change anything. It's only going to amplify who you are being and what you are doing right now.”
“If you want to learn how to do something successfully, you need to learn from somebody who's doing it successfully.”
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