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Manifesting Money Podcast

Dec 7, 2021

In this episode, Manifesting Money reveals how your beliefs about money most likely have been passed down from generation to generation and often are the blocks to your financial blessings.


Listen in as Anita shares her three tips to recognizing the limiting beliefs ingrained in your subconscious by your family, friends, and environment. Since often their fears are projected onto us, especially when we receive comments like, “Remember me when you’re famous” or “You think you’re too good for us now?” But don’t worry! Anita also provides her three techniques to strengthen your mindset, create your own path, and identify with your own beliefs. 


Tune in and connect with Manifesting Money! We want to know your favorite tip and how you will start today!



- What is the lack mentality?

- Feeling guilty for living your most abundant life

- Does more money equal more problems?

- Why setting boundaries is key

- Where do your family’s beliefs come from?



“This is the number one reason why so many people do not believe on a subconscious level that they can make money. It's because of the language.”

“Anytime that you're feeling lack of money, or you feel like money's not flowing to you, it's simply because you're not circulating it.”



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