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Manifesting Money Podcast

Nov 30, 2021

In this episode, Anita welcomes Ricardo Soto - credit repair “practitioner” and co-founder of Financial ER, a team created to help people achieve credit literacy and financial liberty.


Tune in as Ricardo shares how family tragedy, bankruptcy, and getting fired not only motivated him but led him to his mission today. Epitomizing the mindset that everything happens for a reason, Ricardo urges you to believe in yourself, build healthy habits, and manifest opportunities that will give you the means to create wealth. 


Join the conversation and don’t miss this relaxed and informative episode of Manifesting Money.



  • Ricardo’s path to credit repair practitioner 
  • Moving past a victim mentality
  • Manifestation comes in the form of opportunity
  • Why journaling is key
  • Biggest credit repair myths 



“Getting fired, getting a bankruptcy under my belt - those are my medals of honor now because I'm able to recognize those things. But without all those struggles, I wouldn't have got out of that comfort zone.”

“If your financial habits don't change, then your outcome is never going to change.”



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