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Manifesting Money Podcast

Nov 23, 2021

Meet Jon Hillstead - a time technique pressure practitioner, hypnotherapist, life and success coach, and TikTok star. In this episode, Anita sits down with this jack-of-all-manifestation-trades to discuss how to shift our mindset and reprogram our subconscious. 


Tune in as Jon shares his journey and awakening moment. From suicidal intentions to ayahuasca to tips for making the shift, be sure not to miss this exciting conversation on finding your purpose and living your most authentic and abundant life! 



  • How did Jon discover manifestation?
  • Ayahuasca - the experience and the takeaway 
  • Overcoming the fear of the unknown 
  • Why gratitude is essential 
  • Stepping into your gifts
  • Jon’s daily wellness routine 
  • What is hypnosis?



“I went from this place of being the victim, to finally realizing, wait a second, I have the power, the freedom, and the ability to shift my focus and manifest from nothing.” 

“Teaching people to just trust and surrender, and let go, and realize you're fully supported. You're guided. You're not alone. Like you are literally never alone. You have guides. You got angels. You got the universe. You have so much support out there.” 



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