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Manifesting Money Podcast

Feb 22, 2022

In this episode, your money manifesting coach welcomes back Axel Antojai - shaman, reiki practitioner, and developer of Antojai Quantum Healing. Tune in as he answers all your questions about manifestation, from his journey to shamanism to his evolution past the law of attraction. Learn how to rewire your mindset and release what we have been taught about the limitations of reality. The universe is your lover, best friend, and sidekick. Let it know what you want and be open to receive! 



- Axel’s shaman origin story 

- Understanding ego versus intuition 

- How your inner child holds all the answers 

- Evolving past the law of attraction

- The universe is conspiring for you, be open and trust it

- Why you don’t have to heal anything - you are whole



“One of the things that I think shamanism teaches you so much is every person is living their own reality. You have the full autonomy, the full power to embrace any aspect of yourself.”

“The lesson that you have to carry - I am the solution. I am the power. And this moment right now is perfect. No matter where I'm at, I'm always going to be able to manifest more perfection myself, because I accept myself. I'm whole already.”



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