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Manifesting Money Podcast

Jan 4, 2021

In this episode, we invite Lynzie Smith from Independent Beauty Pros to share her story on how she dove head-first into the makeup business! Find out what her platform is all about, how her journey as an entrepreneur has been so far, and how to overcome the fears that hold you back from pursuing your dreams. 

Lynzie Smith is an Independent Hairstylist and Makeup Artist as well as the Founder of Independent Beauty Pros. After 8 years as a Soloprenuer in the Beauty Industry, Lynzie launched her membership-based platform to create a space where all Independent Artists can contribute content, education, experience, and knowledge. With resources designed specifically for the Solopreneur and a like-minded community of Members, this platform provides all of the support necessary for someone looking to start or grow their Independent Business in the Beauty Industry. As the first Industry Platform designed for all Independent Hair Stylists, Barbers, Makeup Artists, Estheticians, and Manicurists, there is an endless opportunity to network, cross-refer, collaborate, and grow!    



  • How to take that leap of faith. 
  • The biggest struggles and rewards of entrepreneurship. 
  • Getting out of your comfort zone: How to just let go. 
  • How to rewire your subconscious. 
  • The Independent Beauty Pros platform - what it is and who it’s for. 



“If you feel passionate about something; if there is a fire about making a decision, don't let any of the fears take that away or just dismiss that. Just go for it, because you will figure it out.”



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