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Manifesting Money Podcast

Sep 28, 2022

Hello Beautiful Soul, 

Welcome back to the Manifesting Money Podcast! 

Today's SOLO Podcast episode we are celebrating 300k downloads on the podcast! 

In this episode we break down-

  • Feeling the Emotion we are unconsciously trying to avoid 
  • The different between being happy and positive 
  • Validation and processing your...

Sep 21, 2022

Hello Beautiful Souls! 


Welcome Back to the Manifesting Money Podcast! 

In today's episode we are opening up the conversation with some of our members of the Manifesting Money Academy, 

This Episode opens up the conversation about deep rooted subconscious beliefs not only about money but the experiences we've had that...

Sep 13, 2022

Welcome Back to Season 3 of the Manifesting Money Podcast, in this episode...

In today's podcast we are joined by special guest, Anita's best friend and soul sister, Angelina. Where we read YOUR testimonies and open up conversations about questions you all have asked!

Key Points: 

  • Breaking cycles with your money
  • The...

Sep 5, 2022

Welcome Back to Season 3 of the Manifesting Money Podcast, in this episode... 

Anita is back from a Season break interviewing her Great Uncle Frank Montelongo about their family lineage. 

In this episode you get you a break down of the struggles their family went through migrating to a whole new country and adapting to...